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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Usually, talks of long-term aging come up and gurus from all over start saying “make sure to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise”. While this does prove to be highly effective, they are missing one critical component to this health puzzle. That crucial component is getting the right number of fluids to stay properly hydrated.

We have to look at the big picture and take into account that water makes up two-thirds of our bodies. This is just the first part we notice, once we start closing into this picture—we also learn that water is crucial for supporting functions such as; regulating our body temperature, transporting nutrients around our body, getting rid of waste, lubricating our joints, and many other important functions to name.

Hydration comes into play, even more, when it comes to having a fever, diarrhea, or if you have been performing physical activities. The results from these experiences can lead to us losing more fluids and minerals—which in turn results in dehydration.

In this article, we will talk about how you can detect dehydration through its various symptoms. We will also take a deep dive and talk about the benefits that Tru Electrolytes with mPower Hydration Pro Provides.

The Start of Dehydration.

When you notice that you are losing more fluids than you intake—this can lead to dehydration.

From our normal daily activities and just from living—we will lose a little less than a liter of water, which is referred to as insensible fluid loss.

Here are some other examples of how you can lose fluids:

  • Through urination

  • If you are sweating unstoppably

  • Bowel movements also cause the loss of fluids

  • If you perform hard physical activities

  • If you experience hot and humid weather

The one important thing you have to understand is that dehydration doesn’t just occur during loss of fluids—it also occurs when you lose electrolytes from your system.

Potassium, sodium, and calcium help maintain homeostasis because they are electrically charged fluids. Electrolytes help your body support muscle, heart, and nerve functions—all of this translates to being in balance which is what homeostasis is.

Once you realize that you lose electrolytes too, you start to understand that you need something more than water.

The other key factor that you must take into account when intaking electrolytes is that—your body also needs a balanced amount of glucose and sodium to quickly absorb and replenish all of the nutrients.

To resolve all of these issues and to ensure that your body maintains adequate hydration we have developed the Tru Electrolytes with mPower Hydration Pro formula. Not only is our formula made with high-quality ingredients, but it also has the perfect balance of ingredients to ensure that your body absorbs all of the electrolytes—FAST.

Not drinking enough water? This might happen.

With dehydration taking a toll on your body, and not enough electrolytes being present, you might start experiencing these side effects.

  1. A very stubborn headache:

If you are feeling a mild to head throbbing headache, and you haven’t intake any electrolytes or fluids. Chances are you could be experiencing a dehydration headache.

Research shows that your brain contrasts when you are experiencing these sorts of headaches, but research is still unclear what the cause is. This pressure can put a lot of stress on a layer of tissue that is pain-sensitive and surrounds your brain. A study was conducted that showed that a group of 34 people drank 2 cups of water only 22 were relieved after half an hour. While the rest were relieved after 3 cups which took an additional half an hour to three hours.

  1. Lack of focus, changes in mood, and persistent fatigue

Productivity and relationships can take a toll as a result of the side effects of not drinking enough fluids and being hydrated.

A study was done with 20 women who underwent deprivation of water. All of these side effects were evident even only after they were mildly dehydrated. The only things that slightly changed after rehydrating were improvements to their confusion and alertness.

  1. Slow Digestion

If you are properly hydrated your colon will pull water from your bloodstream to soften your stools because it contains water receptors.

If you are experiencing constipation chances are that you are dehydrated. There could also be other side effects that you are experiencing because of this as this study shows.

  1. Dryness of skin

If you notice that your skin is not reacting well with moisturizers or if you have prolonged dryness, chances are you are suffering from skin dehydration.

Recognizing Dehydration

If you are not taking the adequate amount of water that you suppose to daily, chances are that you are dehydrated.

Some Symptoms of dehydration can be presented as:

  • Dry skin

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle Cramps

  • And others…

A good action to take when experiencing these symptoms of dehydration is—taking fast action by drinking Tru Electrolytes with mPower Hydration powder for oral rehydration.

When you become hydrated, drinking the quantity of water that you need can be boring and overwhelming, and it might just not be enough alone. That’s why it’s very important to have an electrolyte solution that can completely rehydrate you.

The answer to maintaining hydration—Tru Electrolytes with mPower Hydration Pro

Tru Electrolytes with mPower Hydration Pro is a great on-the-go solution for the times that you are not intaking a sufficient amount of water.

It not only properly hydrates you, but it also properly replaces the necessary vitamins and minerals. Our formula is made with naturally sourced ingredients that are high quality and they contain very low sugar so that you can have a healthy and proper solution.

Add Tru Electrolytes to your daily routine and optimize your health by staying hydrated. Visit our site and check out all of the flavors at

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