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Tru Electrolytes Pro Powder Packets | Raspberry Lemonade | Only 3g Sugar

Tru Electrolytes Pro Powder Packets | Raspberry Lemonade | Only 3g Sugar

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Tru Electrolytes mPower Hydration System Raspberry Lemonade


10x your water with pure minerals and mPower Hydration System


mPower Hydration System is a unique process that creates a reaction between carefully balanced natural minerals to release hydrogen and oxygen when mixed with liquids. Tru Electrolytes does not rely on spiking the blood sugar levels, but instead it hydrates & oxygenates the body.


Quick, effective hydration with low sugar content and three times more electrolytes compared to standard sport drinks. Made in the USA, responsibly sourced high-potency proprietary formula with 3D Potassium, Himalayan Salt, Magnesium, Natural Malic Acid, Calcium & Vitamin-C to help Hydrate, Replenish, & Recover.


Tru Electrolytes versatile stick packs can be poured into your favorite container of 16 ounces of water to hydrate your body and nourish your muscles faster and more efficiently wherever you go.


3D Potassium Formula:


3D Potassium is a combination of three kinds of dietary potassium- potassium citrate, potassium gluconate and potassium chloride. It is carefully formulated to promote longlasting balanced hydration and muscle recovery.


Helps You Recover From:


Headache | Fatigue | Diarrhea | Vomiting | Lightheadedness | Dry Mouth and More


Vegan, Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free, No Food Coloring or Preservatives, Caffeine Free, Soy Free, Manufacturer LAB Certified & Made in The USA, SAI GLOBAL Certified, GMP Certified, SQF Level 3 Certified Facility.

  • Pure Electrolytes with Low Sugar

    Tru Electrolytes are Pure Electrolytes Multiplier Sticks, not to be confused with general Electrolytes DRINK powder with high sugar, additives and flavoring. Our stick packs are purposefully designed to be multi-purpose with maximum amount of electrolytes possible in one stick without overwhelming the body with high sugar or flavorings.

  • The Only 1045mg3D Potassium Electrolytes

    3 Dietary Potassiums in 1 stick to promote long-lasting hydration. Tru Electrolytes hydration packs re-hydrate your system with key nutrients & minerals. The Pro sports hydration mix uses mPower Hydration System & works extremely well as a post workout recovery drink, just mix it with your choice of chilled drink to maximize the effect.

  • Only 14 Calories Raspberry Lemonade

    Light citrusy salty Raspberry Lemonade flavor hydration packets with low carb & low sugar. Unlike most electrolytes hydration powder brands, hydration tablets or vitamin gummies, Tru Electrolytes do not rely on spiking the blood sugar for an energy kick. instead it replenishes minerals in the body. Tru Electrolytes are more restorative and hydrating at a cellular level than most of the energy drink or powders.

  • Hangover Recovery with Hydration

    Alcohol consumption causes dehydration, taking Tru Electrolytes while consuming alcohol helps reduce hangovers, while keeping you hydrated.

  • Proudly Made in the USA

    Tru Electrolytes is a locally founded supplement company with the focus on Local & Global Hydration & Recovery. Our non-profit division is committed to educating people about mineral deficiencies in their bodies . Our products are made in a Multi-Level Certified facility, and rigorously tested by highly qualified food scientists to ensure the highest possible quality.

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